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Trizula Digital Solutions

TDS has the Experience and Capability to provide Support Services on the following Lines and Modes. The support is available for various ERP applications and Custom Developed Solutions in Python, FullStack, Data Science etc.

The following are the Support Services:

  • Functional support for various applications (both COTS and Custom Developed)
  • Small Custom Developments for Incremental Functional Changes
  • Technical Tuning of the system for Improved Performance and Availability
  • Support for changing the existing objects or enhancements in case of Upgrade & Rollout projects.
  • Development of enhancements for the identified new requirements.
  • Improved User Experience Enablement
  • Support the testing requirements
  • Provide support on New Technology Adoption
  • Support for Operating System Management, Data Management and Backup Services.

TDS is experienced in providing the services for various Application including SAP, Oracle, NetSuite etc.