Our Tenets


Our Tenets

Our Vision & Mission: To position Information Technology as Business Technology to our customers and thus help to transform their Information Systems into Business Systems.

The 3C Tenets:

Connect : Get into the groove, understand the customer system landscape, identify the affected groups, the stakeholders and study the current scenarios. Plan for the required changes.

Concur : Discuss & Explain the current problems/ challenges/ limitations to business stakeholders. Showcase the benefits of the planned changes, the savings/ impact etc on the business overall. Get the concurrence of stakeholders on what needs to be done, how to do etc. Define the expected parameters & outcomes etc.

Conquer : Design, Develop, Test & Deploy the Concurred changes, Systems, Applications etc. Post Go-Live, Establish the Support mechanism, Implement delta changes & Fine-tune the system. Establish the Digital Enterprise.