Oil & Gas


The Oil & Gas is one of the largest sectors in terms of Revenue Generation, Software Services/ Solutions Deployment etc. They are very crucial to the economy impacting Electronic, Transportation, Power & Defence sectors. They are very crucial to the Manufacturing industry.

The industry is broken into three segments: Upstream, Midstream and Downstream

  • Upstream:Exploration & Production companies comprising of Reservoirs, Oil Wells etc
  • Midstream:Companies responsible for Transportation from Wells to Refineries
  • Downstream:Companies responsible for Refining and Sale of finished products etc.

It is of high importance to Reduce wastage, Reduce the cycle times and improve Business Operational Efficiency.

We have the Capability and Expertise to develop solutions in the identified use cases.

TDS has capability to provide Consulting and Architectural services in the above areas to recommend adoption of Enterprise Solutions like SAP, Oracle and NetSuite.