Development of Solutions can be for a new application with Multiple Modules/ Functionalities or Small Development for Process Improvement/ Enhanced Functionality/ New Functionality/ Solution Extension.

The solutions can involve Multiple Technologies and Applications like SAP, Oracle & NetSuite etc. The development can be for new Technology adoption too.

The Development Methodology Broadly would be as below:

• Conducting Workshops/ Digital Media Meetings and Collaborate on the following with Customer Teams:

• Understanding in detail the current pain areas/ problem statements as per the defined requirements.

• Agreement with customer teams on the points of Concern, Consideration and Solution

• Upon Concurrence, Provide walk through of the entire solution as pilot (as needed).

• Solution Implementation approach would be in the 5D mode & phases (Discover, Design, Develop, Deliver & Diagnostics including Hypercare) followed by regular support.

The Development would be on Agile based sprints. The initial requirements and constraints would be validated and as needed short term sprints would be commissioned in order that the evaluation of the results is done on a periodic basis. In the event of any change in Constraints and / or Parameters is necessitated the same would be accommodated as incremental developments in sprint mode.

The Development, Testing, Deployment and Integration would be in Agile mode involving the sprints as appropriate.