Data Migration


Data Migration

Data Migration is one of the most important aspects of any transformation project. As we move to a new application or system for various business needs like Performance, Reliability, Suitability and better Process etc, Data Migration to the new application/ system of the entire Master/ Transactional Data in the current format as needed by the target system is of utmost importance.

• Data Migration between the ERP applications like SAP and Oracle

• Data Migration includes Master Data, Transactional Data, Historical etc as per the requirements.

This involves study of the both Source and Target Formats, devise a mutually agreed Extraction Criteria, Develop the Extraction Scripts, perform the Extraction and then Validate. It involves various Data Validations, Transformations, Reconciliations etc. A continuous and collaborative engagement model is the key to success.

We have developed various Assets in this regard, mainly in the areas of Data Migration to & from SAP Systems to Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP. We have mapped hundreds of fields of Data related to the processes of Record to Report, Hire to Retire, Order to Cash, Procure to Pay, Plan to Produce, Maintenance and Quality Management etc.

We have executed the Data Migration projects to some of the global clients.