Data Management


Data Management

Digital Transformation as Process Transformation, Transaction Automation, Digital Adoption and Decision Digitization – is the state an Enterprise thrive to achieve towards creating competitive advantage / strategy/ differentiation on a sustenance mode.

Ability to convert Data into information, information into interpretation, interpretation into action items (intelligence embedded) - blended into operations seamlessly – injecting optimization, prediction, contextual intelligence into operations across the Business Operational Chain.

Data Management is enabled by deployment of various analytical solutions catering to achieve the desired efficiency by identifying the KPAs (Key performance Areas).

The solutions are available as Software as a Service.

The following are some of the solution areas

  • Finance - Strategy, Planning & Operations
  • Procurement - Strategy, Planning & Operations
  • Logistics - Strategy, Planning & Operations
  • Production / Marketing / Sales / Human Capital Management / Projects / Product Development - Strategy, Planning & Operations