About TDS

Transforming Business Through Technology

We are specialists with vast domain and multi technology experience . With our combined rich experience of 100+ years we enable enterprises in their journey of Business and Digital Transformation to achieve Profit Maximization , Cost Optimization and Decision Digitization .


TDS Offerings


Established in 2018, TDS is committed to providing the best of breed services in the areas of Consulting, Implementation Services, Transformational Services, Data Management, Digitalization,

We offer our services in SAP product stack, Oracle product stack, NetSuite, Service Now, Salesforce, Java Technologies., .Net & Digital Technologies .

Presently we service the verticals of Manufacturing, Retail, Energy & Utilities, Oil & Gas and Telecom.

A Cloud based, mobile enabled and social ERP, NetSuite provides

• A Dynamic easy-to-use platform with high scalability

• Business growth and international capabilities (multi currency, many languages, automated tax compliance for many countries)

• Built-in Business Intelligence and Commerce ready capabilities for B2B & B2C

• Powerful development platform for business functions with unprecedented flexibility

• Various Add-on capabilities and Industry specific solutions

• Real-time dashboards with ease of customization and extension

• Caters to the three sectors of High-growth, Midsize and Enterprise customers

SAP is an enterprise class ERP with the following features

• Caters to a wide range of industries, business segments

• Completely integrated ERP solution with most of the business functionalities

• Highly stable, scalable and sustainable Architecture

• Multiple deployment options of On-Prem Cloud and Hybrid models

• Consists of many products like, SuccessFactors, Ariba, Concur, Hybris etc catering to various functionalities.

• Highly suitable for customization and matching multiple business features

• High performance and global presence across many industry verticals/ regions.

Oracle is the third largest software solutions company and

• Caters to a wide range of Database Software and Technology, Cloud Engineered Systems, Enterprise Software Products

• Multiple Enterprise operating software applications for ERP, HCM, EPM, CRM & SCM

• Highly proven & Scalable Middleware Systems, Operating Systems & Hardware.

• Leader in cloud Solutions

• Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP

TDS, Full Stack Development capabilities

• Development of custom solutions, portals, e-commerce platform/application

• Front end development using various Languages/ Frameworks/ Libraries (HTML, CSS, Javascript, AngularJS, React.js, Bootstrap etc.)

• Back-end development (C++, Python, PHP, Java, Javascript & Node.js)

• Development of solutions with efficiently structured data models, confirming to the features, maintaining the standards (best practices adoption) and high data security

• Capability in various stacks like
MEAN Stack: MongoDB, Express, AngularJS and Node.js.
MERN Stack: MongoDB, Express, ReactJS and Node.js
LAMP Stack: Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP

TraceLink Opus digital network platform delivers the critical capabilities for digital supply chain transformation.

• It enables and supports Supply Chain Disruption, Traceability, Transparency, Sustainability, Social Responsibility and Global Demand Fluctuations.

• Achieve industry 4.0 Supply Chain Transformation through - Creates dynamic & secure digital networks, share processes across networks & applications, Drive cross-functional & cross-company execution, leverage common data models, generate collective intelligence

• Transform decision making with intelligence gathered from a network of networks.

• Eliminate shortages
• Prevent disruptions
• Link supply plans with real-time consumption insights
• Improve product launch performance
• Reduce inventory
• Maximize profitability

TDS capabilities include development of AI/Ml based solutions across Supply Chain, Production, Procurement, Finance, Sales & Marketing functionalities.

• Number of use cases identified for solution development

• Custom Solution development as per customer requirements.

• The solutions would help to achieve Effective Forecasting, Simulation, Data Modelling & Visualization.

• This would lead to accurate Prediction, Optimization, Transformation and Automation etc,.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables automation of human tasks which are manula/ rule-based/ repetitive. Typically they are bots which perform the tasks faster than manual operation. The RPA bots help to

• Make zero errors, interact with in-house applications, websites, portals etc.

• Log into applications, perform data entry, work on the attachments etc (email), calculate & complete the tasks.

• RPA solutions belong to the whole IT infrastructure and help in automate/ connect the business processes (which are not smart/ intelligent) and does not interact with each other.

• The connected process chain leads reduced Cycle times, Cost optimization.

TDS is committed to be the strategic & successful partner to its esteemed Customers to reach pinnacles of Operational Excellence, Market Penetration and Financial Gains